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CamTran is conducting a comprehensive assessment of its existing transit service and establishing a vision of what service should look like in the coming years. In Johnstown and throughout Cambria County, CamTran plays a vital role in connecting residents to the region’s housing, jobs, and activity centers. This plan’s purpose is to update CamTran’s service so that it is more efficient, effective, and better fits the needs of its customers. The CamTransformation System Enhancements Study includes four phases: 

The Market Analysis, which includes an assessment of the existing and potential market for transit in Cambria County and beyond. 


An Existing Service Analysis, which includes a comprehensive review of the existing CamTran network and an assessment of each route. 


Service Alternatives, which present multiple approaches for evolving the CamTran network to better serve the residents and workers of Cambria County. 


The Final Recommended Network, which establishes a short-term plan for improving the CamTran network. 

During each phase of the project, CamTran staff and the project team will engage with residents, customers, and stakeholders to ensure that the Final Recommended Network reflects the community’s vision for transit in Cambria County. Learn more about how you can get involved here.

Project Timeline